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Scott Smith

Heros Token LLC



Chief Executive Officer
Scott Smith, aka Aceovrkill, is a lifelong entrepreneur with over 24 years of experience building and maintaining profitable enterprises. As the CEO of HEROS (Hero Inu), his artistic background and passion for community deliver results for all heroes! His passion for charity reigns supreme in his work with HEROS. Pioneering web3 he has proven his ability to maintain a solid foundation of what a web3 project should consist of integrating a web2 business model with a full featured merch store and other developments underway. Scott holds several certificates for commercial art and design, Zurich North America, solidity developer, Blockchain expert, Ethereum developer, NFT developer, Ethereum expert, cryptocurrency auditor, sound reinforcement, holds a degree in Blockchain for business, and educated in secondary art education and mathematics. Among some of his accomplishments his work and recognition publicized worldwide for his artistic skills in the culinary arts along side his wife and partner Megan Smith for their amazing cake creations with Monkey and me Sweets. Scott has a background in Judo that ranked him among the top 50 in the country in his teens, a strong music background playing multiple instruments, and acknowledged for his outstanding performance as a leader among several corporations including General Motors, Fender musical Instruments, Martin Guitars, Korg USA, and Zoom North America.

He always is educating himself and adding to his skillset. Currently learning game development and furthering his knowledge of web3.

​Scott is a father, husband, adventure motorcyclist, mountain biker, musician, enjoys travel, and a good cigar.

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