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About Us

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We are changing the future of how business is done.


Business is conducted daily around the globe. The traditional means of sharing information have been the same since the business card's inception in China during the 15th century. The business card has withstood the test of time, evolving nearly 600 years to what we have come to exchange now in daily business. These are vital tools for anyone conducting business or wanting to easily and quickly share information. Unfortunately, for multiple reasons, we are seeing the cost of paper products increase while the supply decreases.


What is going on with the cost and shortage of paper products?


There will be a paper shortage for coated and uncoated papers in 2022. Manufacturers, wholesalers, marketing firms, and printers continue to face challenges in obtaining materials and producing goods for various reasons. Experts in the industry agree that there has never been such a severe shortage. COVID - The availability of paper products has been significantly impacted by 19 lockdowns and global supply chain issues. As we came out of the lockdown, demand for printing paper and direct mail services increased faster than supply could recover. Paper demand is now higher than it was before the 2019 pandemic.




Paper manufacturers have made massive efforts to reduce the carbon footprint their companies produce. They have become more aware of making better decisions in the harvesting and production of their products. They are making efforts to better their companies and be more conscious of the impact they have on the environment. It’s fantastic they are making these strides to be better for the world as a whole. We applaud them for their efforts, but the recent increase in cost and reduction in supply leaves serious concerns for the future of the paper industry. 


We do not believe paper will ever go away completely. However, we are living in a mobile world. Information and access to contacts are now becoming more global. It is easier than ever before to have a virtual meeting with a business partner on the other side of the globe, instantly transmit information over the web, and expand your market beyond your local area.


What is Apparition?


It is time to change the way people transfer their information. Rising paper costs and shortages make this the perfect time to expand on the tech that is already available to us. Apparition has a foundation using near-field communication (NFC) technology along with a platform to create your digital card and share easily through multiple avenues.


NFC Tech


NFC is a short-range wireless technology that enhances the intelligence of your smartphone, tablet, wearables, payment cards, and other devices. The pinnacle of connectivity is near-field communication. With NFC, you can quickly and easily transfer information between devices with a single touch. Paying bills, exchanging business cards, downloading coupons, and sharing a research paper are just a few ways NFC technology can be used.


HEROS Token LLC is introducing a full line of ever-expanding Apparition products. These can be purchased pre-programmed if you wish (for an additional fee) or you can download the My Apparition App and easily program your own device. The NFC chips we utilize can be written 100,000 times, allowing your device to evolve as you do with your endeavors. Easily share the information programmed on your device by simply tapping a compatible device. Every smart device sold in the last eight years has the ability to utilize NFC technology. As we near almost a decade of the ability for the average consumer to use NFC technology, we feel it is time to change the idea of how people exchange their information and bring light to a technology that has been resting on the sideline for far too long.


My Apparition App


This is what pulls everything together. Our app will allow iOS, Android, and desktop users to create a digital file that can be programmed with any smart device or a desktop with the proper equipment. Not only will you be able to create a digital profile that can be shared with Apparition products, but your own unique QR code and web address to share your information. You will be able to pass your business card via email, social media, text, virtual meetings, QR Codes, and of course, Apparition products. The app will also allow you to store your contacts and connections within your profile, only accessible by the user. The functionality will be almost endless in the potential possibilities. The team at HEROS Token will also continue to add as new developments are made. 


The ability to develop this already fantastic technology and create a platform to easily use the Apparition products is just the beginning. We will continue to develop the tech, the app, and the possibilities that can be made with this product. Apparition is a real-world product; it is a mobile app. It is a web interface in which you can conduct business within your industry saving ongoing costs of continually purchasing paper products to share your information. Whether you are an individual, entrepreneur, business owner, or a Fortune 500 company, Apparition has a product that will indefinitely benefit your bottom line. This is the future of how business information can be transferred. It is the future of lower overhead. It is the future of a better way to expand your network.

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